Jane Eyre

2A Eva Li


Jane Eyre is an orphan who lodges in her aunt’s home from an early age. She is always being bullied. Then, her aunt lets her go to a boarding school. After graduation, she becomes a tutor of a girl, Adele. Then, she and her employer Rochester fall in love with each other. They decide to get married. However, on the wedding day, Jane finds out that Rochester has a wife, so she leaves him. After that, she meets St John, and receives a large amount of legacy from him. He is her cousin. On their wedding day, Jane hears the roar of Rochester. She rescues Rochester from a big fire, then they live together.


This book underlines two premises. First, the value of humans is dignity and love. Second, the equality between men and women. Jane Eyre is a book written in the old days. It is a feminist novel. It emphasizes that females need to be on their own, be independent, and ambitious. That is why at last, the writer makes Rochester a crippled and blind man. He can only rely on Jane. This explains that women are not men’s belongings. Also, the departure of Jane from Rochester symbolizes independence and her return symbolizes love.


I like this story. The story is a little bit long, but the plot is very attractive, when I read that Jane is being bullied by her relatives, I thought it must be very painful, and her heart may not be able to bear such pain. When I read about her love with Rochester, I felt her impulse. I can’t help but think she is a bold girl. I am glad for her when she finds someone who loves her very much. The writer uses a lot of psychological description. I think this is a good skill as it helps me understand more about human nature. As society is fairer in gender equality now, I am thankful to the writer as she helped bring the fairness to us.

(This book report was the 2nd prize in 2015-2016 Book Report Competition Junior Section )


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